Greg Black For Michigan House of Representatives District 92

Having lived and worked in the Mid-Michigan area most of my life, I have seen the struggles and successes of the area residents. I would like to see us all work together to achieve a brighter future for Michigan. As your representative I will take the concerns and need’s of Mid-Michigan residents to Lansing.

2020 was a very difficult year for Michigan. Historic flooding, The economic damage from the pandemic, and the personal tolls from Covid-19. I look forward to helping bring Michigan back stronger than ever.

 I would like to introduce myself I am Greg Black I am a Libertarian candidate for Michigan’s House of Representative’s in the 92nd district. I was asked recently why I was running for office. And everyday on the news you hear about scandals, bribery and corruption involving politicians. We see career politicians who have lost touch with their constituents. We see candidates who spend hundreds of thousand dollars to be elected. We see candidates making promises that they will never keep. It is time to change that. I’m a blue collar worker who is fed up with government restrictions and mandates that are hurting our livelihood.